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    • These players have donated to the server before it was even up; They are true founders. If you are interested in contributing to the server, private message me, the list is tentative and is up to change since the server is still not up.


      Unit Alpha - 25$

      MtnDont - 25$

      DamagedRoses - 25$

      Zgong - 25$

      Jlgold02 - 25$

      Potato & Everette - Payed for both the Teamspeak and the domain for the forums for 1 month, also assisted with creating both threads on the forums, and channels + ranks in the TeamSpeak.

    • The Staff Team

      Director|Server Owner - Lemonade

      Director|Server Developer - Dirty Dan


      Senior Administrators - Big Bob


      Administrator III - <empty>

      Administrator II - DamagedRoses

      Administrator I - <empty>


      Senior Moderators - <empty>


      Moderator III - <empty>

      Moderator II - <empty>

      Moderator I - Jimmy Jewtron and AshleeWolf


      Trial Staff - Mcnally


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